Postscript: R. Miranda, R.I.P.


Rhonda Miranda, born 1972, Philippines.

Rhonda Miranda is best known for her multimedia installation consisting of juxtaposed analog photographs, found objects and other detritus that depict personal spaces, unusual viewpoint shots of body parts being manipulated by various kinds of mirrors with the resulting images as a reflective surface loaded with metaphors.

“My art is a continuing exploration of the series of archived photographs that was mechanically reproduced through the photocopy machine. My intent is to present these old files in sepia, black and white or color film to make multiple gradations. My main goal is to conceal, misrepresent or distort the subject by using three different types of mirrors- the vintage looking-glass, rectangular-shaped mirror, the blind spot mirror and the mirror lens of the camera in order to come up with different results like disfigurement of my body parts.”

Miranda uses a series of photographs focusing on the objectified reflection of body parts, distorted presentation vis-à-vis mirror and camera that translate to be an antithesis of fragility and suffering, sexual issues and social commentary in regards with her role in the society in general.

Right after her stint in the College of Fine Arts at the University of the Philippines and a Cum Laude graduate, she became active in the underground art scene in the 90’s under the mentorship of the acclaimed curator Roberto Chabet that also consisted some of her colleagues. It was during this period that she underwent various experimentations with her newfound medium of expression and departing from her earlier style that she was accustomed to- traditional painting. Maybe due to the fact that her being a protégé in high school and consistent winner of well-known art contests like 22nd Shell National Students Art Competition, 1996 Art Association of the Philippines Art Awards, 1998 Swatch On-the-Spot Competition, 1997 Surveillance Generalé de Societe, 5th International Design Competition, Osaka Japan and among others that prompted her to pursue painting as major. And at this particular phase, she fondly recalls her “memorable meetings and tutelage with topnotch professors with the likes of Roberto Feleo and Gerry Tan” has broadened her personal style along with her exposure to radical thinking, critical discourses and subculture while in college.

Her practice brings to mind the works of Cindy Sherman, Robert Mapplethorpe and Nan Goldin who epitomized the nineties era with their unconventional, blunt and controversial photographs. But her panache is a conspicuous subject of deep-rooted self-empowerment yet doesn’t relegated on too much narcissism but a confrontation of personification whether it’s her privy parts being accessible to the viewers specifically, the opposite sex. Her emulation of personal issues turned up to some of her works, first and foremost, of being a woman, as a free-spirited individual and the ordeals of being a female artist.

Her process of distorting photographic images resulted in a unique sense of intimacy/belonging yet with alienating context. Her act of presenting her own body instead of the sexual innuendos for the male scrutiny counteract as performance art being documented as a form of reversal role-playing. It was her grand protest sort of liberating the female body parts like genitalia that also connotes beauty and pain for the male gaze yet with contradictions and understatement. It is worth noting, that through the camera lens of Miranda that it conjures up a performative language being documented without the audience participation, furthermore, a representation within a representation being devoid of covetousness. The underlying results is what you see isn’t always what you get.

Rhonda Miranda has exhibited her works at the West Gallery, Art Center Megamall, Surrounded by Water Gallery, Brix Gallery, UP Faculty Center, GSIS Museum, Roxas City Museum and Cultural Center of the Philippines.

Rhonda Miranda now lives and works in Quezon City.

P. S.

She persuaded that I should write her an artist profile, unaware of her failing health that this interview would be my very first and last. I am not so confident about writing but so glad that I fulfilled her request. And she was very pleased and contented with it. You will be surely missed.

Frederick A. Sausa, January 2018


About the photo: This was supposedly her comeback group exhibit in 2018 after years of hiatus in the art scene but sadly also her last.

Rhonda S. Miranda (June 10, 1972- September 11, 2018)


Dear Friend, Rest Easy

In memory of Rhonda S. Miranda (June 10, 1972- September 11, 2018)

“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” – Dr. Seuss

images (2)

Thank you for the love and happiness you unconditionally shared (and to others as well). You being full of life. And I ask myself, what particular memories with you all these years stood out the best? And during the time of bereavement that I have ransacked our most recent photos together. But no, every single moment that we’ve shared together were just right there. They were not digital but ethereal. They stayed afloat like a soft, ill-tempered wind passing on my cheeks, swinging the curtains and breaking the leaves from branches to branches. Then there goes the sublimity of that emptiness. With your passing (and others too) I am reminded, time and again, we are destined to wither like flowers or dissipate like a mist in the morning. We are all going to die. Dying is the most dreadful but it’s a cycle of beauty in decay. Where will our souls be after leaving our bodies? Thus, religion came to be. That moment hereon and nobody knows. Sometimes the universe played on us too. Though some didn’t live that long enough and others will grow old together. But what you did  that touched our hearts is irreplaceable, and it’s enough proof that you cared so much for your tightly-knit family and friends. You are a natural humorist, a bit feisty, defiant and fighter. We love you for who you were. On the other hand, Jesus once said that even our mind is willing yet the body is frail. I know you’ve been so high-spirited to travel and all that bucket list of yours to be fulfilled. Your dream was to see the natural wonders of the world. I’m jealous of your free-spirited character. Reaching out for the stars while breaking also the rules. You loved it when you’ve been challenged. You dared thread on dangerous paths but you came through it proudly exasperated. You cared when no one seemed to care. If you failed, you still kept your sunny disposition. You are a runaway. Unstoppable. But you need to rest now. And that’s no easy task for you at all. All you need to do is rest now. Rest easy my dear friend. And the flame will keep on burning from here to eternity. Rest easy.

Cancer Sucks.

awareness cancer design pink
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Some Advises from Me, the New Indie Writer

To all Americans, Happy Fourth of July!

To all Canadians, Happy Canada day! (July 1)

How are you readers?

Just released three non-fiction books in not-so-consecutive weeks this year. Soft launched all of them to the best and well-known platforms in multiple formats. They’re on Amazon Kindle. My chosen aggregators are Smashwords and Rakuten Kobo. So far, happy that these two genres of self-help guide books are out now. Hopefully these seeds that I planted will nurture, grow and bear fruits after six months of in-between hard work and conquering anew. After their release, all I did was to advertise anywhere, anytime I could but avoiding being accused of as a spammer. Plan every executions on where to blast your newly-discovered booster for promoting your works.

Right now, I’m still on the slow boil phase and earning small pennies but these sales aren’t capable of paying my monthly bills. But I’m pretty optimistic of everything because I gained some know-hows from reading and analysing all the pros and cons of self-publishing, even I started out a little late in life. But be picky and be intuitively observant. Learning the hard way doesn’t hurt neither.

Download all the free books that you can stumble on. Separate the good ones and throw away the smuts. Don’t be fooled by wannabe authors who obviously wanted to be the next writer billionaire like Rowling. They aren’t of any help but will mislead you along the way. But if that’s what kind of stuff that you aspire of, then I wish you all the best (honestly, those book jackets of naked men ala Fabio or illustration of werewolves really made me cringe). We dream the same dream but we thread on separate paths and that’s fine. Nevertheless, I am so deeply grateful that I still have the best and opportune moment in my lifetime that I can still be DIY-ing in the digital era. Yes, I came from the so-called dark ages of analog world of self-publishing and self-taught. This new endeavor amazes me and feels liberating as well. To be able to jump into the bandwagons or an event joiner online. No pun intended. Life sucks and you have to comply once the occassion calls for it. Life is capricious too but why sulk sitting in the corner when the global community is interconnected and readily available on hands to create your own stuff or unfulfilled projects? So what if one or two human beings out there believe your ouvre? Don’t give a damn. Live the moment as long as you prove something out of yourself and for your inner voice ready to lash out a possible ouvre. Concquer those paths to personal freedom even if you’re a late bloomer, wannabe, indie writer. Keep it going. Accept who you are and not who is someone you wish to be.

Outperform your old lazy author self. When the universe conspire then claim what’s yours. If you can move mountains then do it the literal way. Life is precious so don’t let it slip away just like that. What are you waiting for? Claim your rightful place under the sun when it’s already late? Conquer your failures. Keep on reading and writing until your last breath!

Have a nice day netizens!


F. S. Clemente
Indie Author

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12 Cool Quotes to Live By

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Canada, Here We Go!

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Hear ye, Hear ye!


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